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Written by Crystal Shards   
Thursday, 24 July 2008 20:29

We here at FESS pride ourselves in how undeniably awesome our staff is. If you're new here, you should meet the faces behind the Sanctuary of Strategy.


Sword Saint (root)

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Lord Glenn
Joining during FESS2's prominence in May of 2005, Lord Glenn discovered the boards while looking for further information about FE7, having just finished it a few days prior. Intrigued by various sprite works displayed on the boards, he took up spriting as a hobby of his own and became an authority of sorts on various subtopics of the art. He has been active for the majority of his time on the site, only becoming inactive around Christmas 2007.

A fairly constant poster, especially during FE10's pre-release surge of information, he attained the rank of Veteran in July of 2006. He was later promoted alongside Musashi to the rank of Moderator in October of the same year. Following Togieduo's resignation, he was promoted to administrator in March of 2007 and remained as such alongside Superbus, Sword Saint, and Togieduo following The Incident II.

A native of western Pennsylvania, Lord Glenn is currently in college in Ohio, planning on majoring in Mathematics and/or Computer Science. He enjoys several genres of games, though he prefers playing games from the 16-bit era of consoles.
Christopher "Superbus" Bowen has been the owner, webmaster and root administrator, barring a brief period out of the administration in 2006, of the Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy since April of 2004. Along with Shawn "Eaichu" Clark, he took the work started by Terranigma Freak in June of 2002 and transformed FESS from a niche community to being the leading English based authority on the entire Fire Emblem fandom. He joined the community in January of 2004 looking for hints for the recently released Fire Emblem, and soon integrated into the community, going from regular member to administrator faster than anyone in the community's history. Contributing heavily to the policies of the board and assisting other auxiliary communities outside of it, Superbus assisted with other administrators to turn the entire Fire Emblem fandom into a model for other niche video game communities.

Residing in Seymour CT, the 28 year old Superbus is a Network Security Engineer, who also has officiated hockey games semi-professionally for Major League Roller Hockey, Professional Inline Hockey Association and the NCAA. He maintains his personal website, superbusnet.com, and is also a game reviewer and columnist for leading independent gaming website Diehard Gamefan. Superbus is all but engaged to longtime girlfriend and fellow FESSer Aileen "Hinata" Coe, who he initially met on the boards.
Crystal Shards
Crystal Shards joined FESS some time ago (she doesn't really remember) and is probably one of the few people on FESS that actually doesn't really like Fire Emblem. Nevertheless, she has stuck with the fandom for quite some time, helping found ECW and being staff on there for a few years, as well as helping out on various other FE-related sites until she decided that FESS was the only place she could really stand. She joined up with the website staff to help Superbus sleep better at night and helped run a debate tournament and was given the option of joining the staff. Obviously she accepted or her name wouldn't be on this list.
Crystal's real first name is... well... Crystal. However, contrary to popular belief, her last name is not Shards. She attends the University of Southern Indiana where she is an English major with Psychology minor; she is also a resident assistant and orientation leader there. In her free time (that she likes to pretend exists) she likes to write, read, sing, play tennis and soccer, and play guitar and piano. She has also been running her own website, Mercury Ice, for four and a half years now.
Musashi joined FESS in 2004 where he became moderately well-known as a fan of "Jeigan-type" Fire Emblem characters. Musashi has remained active during his tenure on FESS, taking only a few intermittent breaks from the community. In October of 2006, he was promoted to the rank of moderator alongside Lord Glenn. As an intensely private individual, Musashi always keeps to himself, although members are more than welcome to contact him concerning the forums.

Aside from Fire Emblem, Musashi is a fan of many other video games. Some of these include Contra, Wild ARMs, and Suikoden.
Mage Knight 404
Mage Knight 404 joined FESS way back when in June of 2004, being an avid fan of Fire Emblem in its early days on the shores of America. Thanks to the site and the memberbase, he started to delve into the other Fire Emblem titles and take up spriting as a hobby of sorts. A well liked member through and through, it took until the 1st of March, 2008 to be promoted to Global Moderator status. A modest and fairly nice guy, he stays active on FESS, while spriting, sketching, and doing other random things from time to time.
Popo joined the FESS community in December of 2004, having previously been a dedicated lurker and fan of the Fire Emblem series. Contributing mainly artwork to the fandom, in May 2007, she was made Lieutenant of the Art Board, and shortly after, promoted to Fiction Board moderator and FESSer General. Happy to serve FESS, Popo enjoys doodling, astronomy and jazz music. She looks forward to attending college at Virginia Tech.
Starwolf_UK started lurking FESS in 2002 and thinks he became a member in 2003 in order to share tactics and info. In August 2005, he decided to fix a game crashing bug in the Fire Emblem Gaiden translation patch spurred by complaints but nobody taking any logical action over what was a trivial fix (to him). There were plans for a full clean up and translation completion but the tedium of the work involved and lack of translation scripts left it as a partial clean up but players should be able to enjoy this unloved Fire Emblem somewhat. Starwolf_UK became moderator in 2006 (if his memory isn't failing him) mainly due to his long tenure and knowledge of Fire Emblem games.

Aside from Fire Emblem, Starwolf_UK also enjoys computer games (mainly Puzzle games though favoring more logic driven ones), anime, science news and current affairs. Starwolf_UK has a degree in Astrophysics.


None at the Moment
CrazyDitto, contrary to popular opinion, is not a mentally challenged blob of Pokeyman. She is, however, two-and-a-half FESS years old, a small-time artist with an inferiority complex, living somewhere in America's hat, and was the third female moderator of all FESS.
Her hobbies include: Spending hours composing semi-coherent posts (including this one), baking cookies for newbies, performing in the strange stage of the Argh Pee Board, counting her facepalms, and going through a day without using her "MOD POWAZ".

She also tries to give nicknames to FESSers she likes. She had moniker'd a few, and was briefly tempted to post a full list of them, but the prospect of being mangled by those mentioned more or less broke it off.
DMAJohnson (often referred to by his first name, Dale) stumbled onto FESS in its earliest days, but he remained a lurker in the background for some time. After finally registering an account on the Invision Free incarnation of FESS, he soon became known for his wit and skill in debates. DMA was eventually promoted to moderator, then to administrator, and served as FESS's webmaster.

After Superbus's brief retirement, DMAJohnson was the root administrator of FESS for nearly a year and saw FESS through some of its hardest times. He now devotes most of his time to work as a professional graphic artist and animator.
Ice/Black Dragons (Sprites)
These two are commonly known as the "incest duo", as they are brother and sister and, besides the sprites forum, spend their time exploring each other's [strangely similar] bodies. The following is a totally real chat that they carefully left lying around after one of their midnight lusts.
<Black Dragon> Oh God, you're going to sticky my topic! STICKY MY TOPIC, UUUUGH YEAH!
<Ice Dragon> UH! YES!
<Black Dragon> OH GOD OH YES YES YES
<Ice Dragon> UGHHAAA.....ohhh, ohh that felt so good.
<Black Dragon> Now hurry up and get your clothes back on. Mom and dad will be done watching their movie any minute now and we're supposed to be doing homework.
The above totally, totally happened.
Between losing wars to Germany and getting stood on by Denmark, Togieduo likes to work on FESS. No one really knows what it is exactly that he does, but whatever it is, it's probably pretty important.
YokaiKnight joined FESS in late December of 2005, and was an active member through most of 2006. Achieving the rank of Veteran in 2007, his activity became more sporadic. The summer, however, saw him create a few hot topics around the forums and host a couple of mildly successful F-Zero racing competitions in the Other Games forum. YK has been consistently active since the creation of FESS5 in late 2007 and was promoted to Moderator in early 2008. Later that same year, he was honorably demoted along with several other well known, and good staff members. He frequents the Serious Discussion Forum, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Boards, and the entire Entertainment section, though his posting habits may vary.

YokaiKnight can typically be found online either on FESS, Facebook, or an instant messenger, being highly counterproductive. Outside of the internet he enjoys tennis and Ultimate Frisbee, video games, music (primarily hip hop and alternative rock), reading, going out to movies or sports events, and making people laugh while he laughs harder. Yokai welcomes PMs from any members with questions and personally invites you to his Neverland Ranch for some...fun. 
Were you once a staff member? Want to see your bio on this page? Just email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with your biography and it will be added to the website shortly.
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