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FE7 Building Uber-Characters Guide PDF Print E-mail
Written by Judas   
Tuesday, 05 August 2008 22:59

Fire Emblem Uber-Characters Guide
By zapmaster

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Alternatively, if you wish to use this guide, e-mail me at:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

This guide is SPOILERIFIC. It has spoilers. Read at your own risk.

This is not a comprehensive guide to affinity or the Afa's Drops. The Afa's
Drops is technically a stat booster, but since it does not affect some one like
Athos, it is not taken into consideration in creating an Uber-Character.

Table of Contents

I. Uber-what?
Ii. What's an Uber-Character?
Iii. How do I make one?
Iiii. Why would I make one?
Iiv. What about RNG abuse?
II. The materials you're gonna be getting
IIi. Lyn's story
IIii. Eliwood's story
IIiii. Hector's story
IIiv. The Mario Kart: Double Dash! Bonus Disk
III. Tips and Tricks
IV. Excellent Uber-Characters
V. Credits

I. Uber-what?

Ii. What's an Uber-Character?

An Uber-Character is a character that is made at the very end of the game. It
is only possible to have one, but this character will have amazing stats.
Almost anyone with a decent Strength or Magic stat can become an
Uber-Character, and Athos, the Lords, Serra, and Lucius all have great
potential for becoming Uber-Caracters, due to their special weapons (Durundal,
Armads, Sol Katti, Forblaze, Aureola) and their stat bonuses.

Iii. How do I make one?

An Uber-Character is made by using every stat-boostinng item in the game on a
single character. Exceptions can be made, such as not using Body Rings on
Oswin. If a character maxes on any given stat with leftover items for that
stat, then you can use the remaining items on another character, and
potentially create two Uber-Characters. However, the Body Rings are a huge
part of the strength of an Uber-character, so choosing a General might not be
the best choice, but choosing Canas, for example, gives him a lesser speed
reduction for equipping Gespenst. Nino also does well, since she has one of
the lowest Con ratings in the game.

Iiii. Why would I make one?

The most obvious reason to make an Uber-Character is to breeze through Final
Chapter: Light with only one character. It's not something I like to do, since
I like to use lots of different people in Light. You may find it useful.

Another use for an Uber-Character is the Link Arena, or LA for short. If you
only want an Uber-Character for the LA, then it is possible to get the full
five stars for your Funds rating by not actually using the stat boosters until
after the game is over. In fact, if you have the MK: DD bonus disk, you can
get Athos with 60 HP and a bunch of other maxed out stats.

Random Number Generator (RNG for short) abuse can be a tedious process, and
many consider it to be cheating. It allows you to more or less control what
your characters' level-up gains will be, and can easily create extremely
powerful characters. However, making an Uber-Character is a non-cheating
alternative to RNG abuse, and although an Uber-Character may not compare to an
RNG-abused character, you will still get a reasonably powerful unit.

II. The materials you're gonna be getting

There are nine types of stat boosters that can be found in Fire Emblem, and
only eight of them are applicable to the LA. These items are:

Angelic Robe (Boosts HP by 7 points)
Energy Ring (Boosts Str/Mag by 2 points)
Secret Book (Boosts Ski by 2 points)
Speedwings (Boosts Spd by 2 points)
Goddess Icon (Boosts Luck by 2 points)
Dragonshield (Boosts Def by 2 points)
Talisman (Boosts Res by 2 points)
Body Ring (Boosts Con by 2 points)
Boots (Increases movement by two spaces) (does not apply to LA)

(Note: Even with the stat boosters, a character's potential is always limited
by their stat maximums. These maximums cannot be exceeded, no matter what!)

The format for each item will be as follows:

Item: (item name goes here, i.e., 'Dragonshield')
Effect: (item effect goes here, i.e., 'Boosts Def by 2 points')
Location: (method of obtaining the item goes here, i.e., 'Visit village')

Simple, yes? I'll also throw in my personal favorite ways of getting these
items. Let's begin!

IIi. Lyn's story

By deciding early on that you want to Uberize a character that appears in Lyn's
Story, you can give that character an extra 2 Str/Mag points and 7 HP. This is
important if you're going to go to Hector's Story, since there is no Energy
Ring to be found there. Also, if you're going into Hector's story, make sure
you get Nils to at least level seven.

Chapter 6: Blood of Pride

Item: Angelic Robe
Effect: Boosts HP by 7 points
Location: Treasure chest, visible after one switch is hit

If you're in Lyn's Normal Mode, then the game literally forces you to get this
one. If you're in Lyn's Hard Mode, and you forgot which treasure chest
contains the Angelic Robe, and you don't want to open them both for some
reason, it's in the treasure chest that's near the middle of the map.

Chapter 10: The Distant Plains

Item: Energy Ring
Effect: Boosts Str/Mag by 2 points
Location: Visit Village

If you're in Hard Mode, don't dawdle around for too long, or the bandit will
reach the village. Other than that, this one's a piece of cake.

IIii. Eliwood's Story

This is my favorite mode to create Uber-Characters in. Even though Farina and
Karla won't show up, there is an Energy Ring in this mode. That easily
outweighs missing out on a PegKnight and a Swordmaster, or at least it does
when you're going for an Uber-Character.

Chapter 11: Taking Leave

Item: Energy Ring
Effect: Boosts Str/Mag by 2 points
Location: Carried by Dorcas

This one is forced upon you by the game. Dorcas automatically joins, and he
carries this item with him. Pass it off to Marcus as soon as you can, as
Marcus makes a great Merlinus for the first few chapters. Just make sure you
don't have Marcus use it.

Item: Dragonshield
Effect: Boosts Def by 2 points
Location: Visit Village

The best plan is to just send Dorcas back into the village as soon as he come
out. That way, Bartre and his Hand Axe can deal with the nearby bandits and
counter the nearby Archers. Pass this over to Marcus the first chance you get.
Again, make sure he doesn't use it.

Chapter 12: Birds of a Feather

Item: Secret Book
Effect: Boosts Ski by 2 points
Location: Visit Village

Send Marcus up to visit the village while everyone else deals with the
onslaught of enemies. 'Nuff said.

Chapter 14: False Friends

Item: Goddess Icon
Effect: Boosts Luck by 2 points
Location: Carried by Erk

This is the first stat-booster that might be difficult to get. However, there
is a way to recruit Erk by turn 2 that doesn't depend upon how randomly the AI
moves Erk around. All that you need to do is have Marcus (who should have
given Merlinus the Secret Book, Dragonshield, and Energy Ring) rescue Erk and
bring him back to Serra. Rebecca can easily deal with the soldier blocking the
path, assuming she's at least been leveled up a little bit. Make sure you
rearrange the battle formation before you start so Rebecca, Marcus, and Serra
are in the top left part of the formation.

Chapter 16x: The Port of Badon

To get this side-quest, make sure one or more of the NPC soldiers in Chapter
16: Wherabouts Unknown survive. This is easily done by rushing to Raven to
recruit him, and then having him or Priscilla rescue one of the soldiers.

Item: Secret Book
Effect: Boosts Ski by 2
Location: Carried by Canas

To get Canas, simply visit the closest village. It's the one just west (left)
of the Inn. Make sure you do some training at the arena, you'll need it for
the next item.

On a side note, has anyone else noticed that the eastern area (right-most) here
is the same place as the western (left-most) area of Chapter 20: New Resolve?

Chapter 17: Pirate Ship

Item: Speedwings
Effect: Boosts Spd by 2
Location: Steal from boss

This is the first stat booster that will definately pose something of a
problem. Bring some one mounted (Florina is best, but Kent, Lowen, or Sain
will work well here). If you arena abused Raven in Chapter 16x: The Port of
Badon, then give him a Hand Axe and let him tear through the shamans on the way
to the boss. If you brought Florina, give her a Javelin and fly her over to
the ship with the shamans, and watch their fluxes bouce off of her. Get
Matthew over to the boss and steal the Speedwings. After that, either kill the
boss (he has Luna, so be careful) or rescue Matthew and get out of there.

Chapter 18x: Imprisoner of Magic

To get this side-quest, simply finish chapter 18 in 15 turns or less. This is
accomplished fairly easily by sending your strongest units to the bottom right
corner of the map, which is where Uhai is. Kill him, and the battle's been

Item: Goddess Icon
Effect: Boosts Luck by 2
Location: Visit the Ruins

There is a bandit who appears at the beginning of the mission, and he makes a
mad dash for the ruins. It's pretty simple to either beat him there or kill
him first, though. If you find yourself hard-pressed, send Florina or Fiora to
the Ruins. You'll meet a character who you'll see again later on there, and
he'll give you the Goddess Icon.

Credit to RNG God for reminding me of this one.

Chapter 21: Kinship's Bond

Item: Angelic Robe
Effect: Boosts HP by 7
Location: Carried by Isadora

Isadora joins automatically. If you're going to use her in this chapter, make
sure you trade the Angelic Robe to some one else.

Chapter 22: Living Legend

Item: Body Ring
Effect: Boosts Con by 2
Location: Hidden Desert Item

This one's a bit tough to find. Count seven spaces west (left) from the lone
house on the map, and send Matthew or Legault to pick it up.

Chapter 22x: Genesis

To get this side-quest, make sure you get 700 exp and recruit Hawkeye in
Chapter 22: Living Legend. There is no easy way to do this.

Item: Secret Book
Effect: Boosts Ski by 2
Location: Treasure Chest

At first, it looks like there are two treasure chests in this level. However,
a Sniper is sitting on top of a treasure chest just south (down) of where
Kishuna is. This treasure chest contains the Secret Book.

Chapter 25: Pale Flower of Darkness

Item: Talisman
Effect: Boosts Res by 2
Location: Treasure Chest

There are two maps for this chapter. In Kenneth's map, the item is in one of
the three treasure chests at the top. A theif will show up with a lockpick to
steal if you don't have one. In Jerme's map, the Talisman is in the
northwestern (upper-left) building. One of the nearby bow-users has a Chest
Key for you to use. He's even courteous enough to drop it when you kill him.

Chapter 26: Battle Before Dawn

Item: Boots
Effect: Increases movement by two spaces
Location: Treasure Chest

I know, this doesn't really apply to Uber-Characters a whole lot, since
movement doesn't matter in the LA. It's still a stat booster, though.

Send a character with a Chest Key (with at least two uses left) and a Door Key
to the left at the beginning of the battle, and send Legault/Matthew to the
right for the Delphi Sheild. Have that person open the door and open both
treasure chests. One of them has the Boots, the other has the Brave Lance.

Chapter 26x: Night of Farewells

To get this chapter, have Eliwood or Lyn talk to Nino during Chapter 26: Battle
Before Dawn. Then, have Nino talk to Jaffar. Jaffar will stay an NPC, but he
will join at the beginning of this side-quest.

Item: Angelic Robe
Effect: Boosts HP by 7
Location: Steal from Bishop

Be VERY careful getting to the Bishop. He has a Berserk staff, so bring Pure
Water, Ninian (who you'll probably bring if you want to train Nino) and her
Ninis' Grace, the Barrier staff, or, best of all, the Restore Staff. The
Silence staff may also work well.

Item: Speedwings
Effect: Boosts Spd by 2
Location: Treasure Chest

There are three chests in the northeastern (top-right) corner of the map. If
you can only open one treasure chest for some reason, ignore those three and go
for the lone chest on the island.

Chapter 29: Sands of Time

Item: Dragonshield
Effect: Boosts Def by 2
Location: Treasure Chest

The treasure chests in the upper area contain a Dragonshield and a White Gem.
Grab 'em both as early as you can. If you want, you can break down the wall on
the left.

Item: Body Ring
Effect: Boosts Con by 2
Location: Treasure Chest

The treasure chest near the bottom of the map has a Body Ring. Get there
before the theives do, and it's yours. Alternatively, you can always let one
of the theives get the Body Ring, and then you can just kill the theif. If
you're going to do that, get rid of Denning first.

Chapter 30: Victory or Death

Item: Talisman
Effect: Boosts Res by 2
Location: Visit Ruins

The ruins in the bottom-right corner of the map contain a talisman. On a side
note, the scene in these ruins can be very funny, depending on who you send in

IIiii. Hector's Story

Hector's story has a couple of differences from Eliwood's story. The first
difference is that the first mission is different, meaning that you don't get
the Dragonshield and Energy Ring from Taking Leave. There's a replacement
Dragonshield, but there's no Energy Ring in Hector's Story. A couple of the
extra missions also have Talismans for you to collect. Keep in mind, all items
other than the Dragonshield and Energy Ring of Eliwood's story are still there,
and the same strategies apply to all of them. Also, take note that the chapter
numbers are not the same between the two stories after False Friends.

Chapter 19x pt II: A Glimpse in Time

Chapter 19xx (as it is sometimes called) is actually a side-quest from a side-
quest. To get the first side-quest, Prisoner of Magic, finish Chapter 19: The
Dread Isle in 15 turns or less. Easier done than said. To get the second part
of the mission, you need to have leveled Nils to level 7 during Lyn's story,
and you also need to kill Kishuna in Chapter 19x. You need to do so in one
turn - that means kill him, not make him run away.

Item: Dragonshield
Effect: Boosts Def by 2
Location: Treasure Chest

Odds are, the thief's going to get to this before you will. If you want to
steal it from him, Matthew is going to need maxed Spd, since the thieves in
this level have maxed Spd. An easier way is to send a Paladin over to kill the
eneimies in the way, and use the Torch staff to make the thief visible. If you
can't do that, then move your paladin on top of the second treasure chest so
that the thief won't be able to reach it. You can kill the thief on your next
turn. And yes, this is the replacement Dragonshield I spoke of before.

Item: Talisman
Effect: Boosts Res by 2
Location: Treasure Chest

Lucky for us, the programmers screwed up on this one. There's a thief nearby,
but he can't open the treasure chest in the upper-left corner. Take your time
getting to it.

Chapter 32x: The Value of Life

To get this side-quest, finish Victory or Death in 15 turns or less.

Item: Talisman
Effect: Boosts Res by 2
Location: Treasure Chest

One of the two treasure chests in the right half of the map contains this stat
booster. There are no thieves, so take your time getting this item.

IIiv. The Mario Kart: Double Dash! Bonus Disk

The MK:DD! bonus disk gives some stat boosters. If you want to know which ones
there are, go to the Bonus Disk FAQ. It has everthing you need to know about
the disk.

III. Tips and Tricks

As you progress through the game, you may notice that the items that will be
used to make your Uber-Characters take up quite a bit of space after a while.
This is normal. However, if you want to clear up space in Merlinus's
inventory, you may have to make some of your characters into designated item
holders. Characters that you don't plan on using can still sit in your roster
holding up to five items each. If, for example, there are five characters you
won't be using, then you can have them each hold five stat boosters. That
means you have 25 more inventory slots. Granted, you might not get that many
stat boosters, but you can also use those slots to hold other items that you
may want to swap in between missions.

New tips and tricks regarding Uber-Characters and the like are gladly accepted.
If you want to submit something, send it via e-mail to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

You will be credited for your submission, of course.

IV. Excellent Uber-Characters

This section is devoted to people who want to show off their Uber-Characters.
Send the stats to me at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

Currently, there are no Uber-Characters to showcase. How sad.

I am willing to accept submissions. Just e-mail me with the stats at:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

You'll be credited for your submission, of course.

V. Credits

Hey, if you want your name added in here, send something via e-mail to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

I'd like to thank:

Me, for not being too lazy to work on this once in a while.

Nintendo, and Intelligent Systems, for making Fire Emblem exist in the first

RNG God, for reminding me of the second Goddess Icon.

The Vampire Guinea Pigs, for... well, they've probably done something worth
crediting somewhere along the line.

You, for reading this guide.

No, really, thank you. This is the first FAQ I've ever written, and if you've
actually read this far, then thank you, dood.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 August 2008 18:03 )