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FE6 Translation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Judas   
Thursday, 24 July 2008 17:41
  • Script Editors: Eaichu, Jet Enduro, PrinceLeaf
  • Technical: Dark Twilkitri
  • Translators: FireLizard, Rosa Aquafire, DarkSlime
  • Graphics: DarkTwilkitri, PrinceLeaf
People hoped for years that Nintendo would deign to release Fire Emblem 6: Fuuin No Tsurugi (FE6) on shores outside of Japan.

They didn't.

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Current Problems
  • Completing bigtext graphics insertion
Current Progress(Reflects current patch.)
  • Opening Movie: 0%
  • Prologue: 100%
  • Rolling Class Demo: 90%
  • Tutorial: 100%
  • Chapter Script: 100%
  • Support Conversations: 100%
  • Menus: 100%
  • Character Names: 100%
  • Enemy Names: 100%
  • Class Names: 100%
  • Items: 100%
  • All Descriptions: 100%
  • Enemy Descriptions: 100%
  • Status Screen: 100%
  • Link Arena Instructions: 100%
  • Command Instructions: 100%
  • Song Names: 100%
  • Death Scripts: 100%
  • Shop Dialogue: 100%
  • Arena Dialogue: 100%
  • Preperation Locations: 100%
  • Trial Map Descriptions/Names: 100%
  • Character Endings #1: 100%
  • Character Endings #2: 100%
  • Character Ending Titles: 100%
  • Triangle Attacks: 100%

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