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Book 2 Walkthrough PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ayanami   
Tuesday, 29 July 2008 18:13

Book II Walkthrough


It begins 5 years later after the evil Dark Dragon was slayed by Marth's'
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spread across the land of Akaneia as the Emperor Hardain marries Princess
Nina and all of a sudden he starts to turn mad. Men are getting killed.
Women and Children are being slaved. And girls above the age of 10 are
being kidnapped. Marth gets furious at Hardain's actions and he would like
to know what exactly is going on with his friend. So he assembles a new
squadren and goes to seek answers as the Dark War history yet again is
repeating iteslf.

Chapter 1

Starting Characters

Marth (!)
Rodie (!)
Ryan (!!!)
Doga (!!!)

New Characters

Marissa (!!!)



Warning: DO NOT give Alan any EXP here, because
he will just be wasting it.

AWW YEAH! New music baby. You'd be driven off the wall if they actually
kept the old music. Now start by giving Alan his Steel Sword to Marth,
so that he doesn't have to waste his valuable Rapier uses here. I would
recommend backing up your troops taking out 1 or 2 at a time because
the enemies here can be quite a handful if they gang up on one character.
Do not worry about the Thieves they will not get to that village before

I would recommend giving all this EXP to Rodie,Cecil,Ryan,and Luke,
because they are very good units and they right now need ALOT of EXP. No
one else really needs it anyway because Doga and Gordon are already at a
high enough level already. And Alan will just be wasting it. Now have
Marth go to the village to recruit a 10 year old gifted child named
Marissa having the ablity to heal sick and injured people. Anyway after
the little girl greets Marth and now when she joins you and yes she comes
with a Live Staff. =D

Now have her heal your troops that got hurt. Anyway, once the thieves comes
out of cave, have Rodie,Cecil,Ryan,and Luke kill them for some easy EXP.
Now when the thieves are gone after a few turns later next have Ryan take
out those Brigands around the fort. Anyway, after the cute little boy takes
care of them next have go and have Luke or Rodie take out the 1st Hunter
on the fort. Now Lawrence says something and now the upper remaining
troops will now start to attack you. Now be sure to keep Cecil away from
them, so that they have a lesser chance of criticaling you.

You do not want criticals when several troops are there awaiting to get a
piece of your squadren. Now retreat whoever got hurt and put in the other.
Now pick pick them off 1 by 1 or just have Marth fight them all off on the
fort to get him some EXP. He should be able to take care of them pretty
easily. After they have been taken care of next buy Luke an Iron Spear,Doga
a Hand Spear,Cecil an Iron Spear,get Ryan an Iron Bow,Get Alan an Iron Spear
or just hand him Doga's Steel Spear and buying Doga an Iron Spear otherwise.
Take Alan's' Silver Spear and save it. You will need this, so save it for

Go visit the villages. If you cannot read Japanese, I'll fill you in on what
happens. This information WILL not be found on http://members.tripod.com/
prince_marus/. Luckily I'm quite competent in Japanese. Okay here it goes.
The upper house says that Princess Yumina and Prince Yubello are the 13th
century dynasty kids from the Gra of royality. Ahem when your ready have
Marth speak to Lawrence. For those of you who haven't played Marth's' NES
game or Book I Lawrence was a General of Grunia that betrayed the country
after his daughter Sheeda's consent. And yes he is also Sheeda's father. And
he absolutely kicked ass in those games. Especially the NES one. Have Marth
speak to him to see quite a sad scene. *Sniff* This part may make you cry.

Lawrence sacrifices himself in the process saving Yubello and Yumina. Poor
Lawrence. =( Afetr that sad scene is finished. Oh Lawrence =(. Oh well
whenever that you are ready have Marth conquer the castle to get out of
here. You could fight him with Marth's' Rapier, but why do that when your
Rapier will be just about be all used up and most likely if you've played
one or both of Marth's' other games you really would'nt bring yourself to
do that anyway.

Weapon Shop

Iron Sword 420
Iron Spear 380
Hand Spear 600
Iron Bow 330

Chapter 2 The Macedonian Rebellion

Starting Characters

Kachua (!!!)

New Characters


Have Kachua talk to him.


Clear the chapter.


Thief- Lady Sword and 500G
Boss-Knight Killer

Select all 9 of your troops provided that you've kept them alive. When
Kachua comes, yes she is a character from Marth's' first 2 games that's
a Pegasus sister from Macedonia. Begin this chapter by giving Doga's
Steel Spear to Alan if you haven't done that already. Begin by Alan
move up north as far as he can. Ugh! This is actually a time to actually
Lady Sword.

Now comes the cool part of the battle, as the Social Knights charges at
you with full force. Alan should be able to easily take care of the
Social Knights. Now about the Silver Spear hand that to Kachua right
now. She is much more suited to use this than Alan is. Move Kachua and
Alan west being careful of the ranges of the Dragon Knights. Have Kachua
fly at the corner on the of the beautiful river. I know that this chapter
is beautiful. Now as Warren gets to you surely you will want to trap him,
so that he doesn't attack you on every turn. As THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Finish off the remaining enemies and having Kachua and Alan go after that
Thief. Use the Silver Spear on the Thief to kill him instantly critical or
not. The thief drops a Lady Sword and 500G upon killing him. Kachua and
Alan will get attacked by the Dragon Knight, but they should be able to
handle him easily. Heal Kachua and Alan with Salves whenever that they are
seriously hurt. Have Kachua talk to Warren untrap him once that you can get
her in range to talk to him.

Have your Bow users kill off the other 2 Dragon Knights taking out 1 at a
time of course. Carful not to get in range of the middle Dragon Knight as
this one (the boss) has a Knight Killer. He drops it upon killing him. Go
ahead and clear this chapter as this is 1 chapter to have no shop in it. As
for Linda she will hand Marth the Fire Emblem and will join you again. YAY!

Chapter 3

Starting Characters

Paola (!!)

Automatically joins. She is HOT.

Julian (!!)

Secure the NE village.

New Characters


Have Julian talk to him. Kill him if you
get too annoyed.


Dragon Knight-Knight Medal
Dragon Knight-Silver Spear
Boss-Orb 1

NE Vilage- Julian (!!)
SE Village- Silver Axe (Sell this for 5000G)


Battle in it for Money and Experience. Jam the B button if it looks
like that they are going to die in the heat of battle or else you
will have yourself a dead unit!!!

Start selecting everyone then it begins as Paola starts talking to
Julian. Paola was another Pegasus Knight from the first 3 of the FE
games. Julian is a thief from Marth's' first 2 games that is a pure
spirit/drop of light and a super heroic Thief and that he also has a
crush on Rena. Rena was a great staff user from Marth's' first 2 games.

Start by moving Paola on the fort, so that she gets healed on every turn.
Do not worry about her dying as she can pretty much handle herself here
just watch her kick butt. But make sure that she has a Salve or 2 just
in case she gets hurt too much. Now begin by having Doga or Alan lure
each and every Dragon Knight one at a time the have 1 of your bow users
snipe them off until that there are none of them left.

Have Linda fight them some too as dragon knights are also effected by
magic. Have her use the Thunder, not the Aura. Because you will be wasting
it right now. Well for everyone else have them head west. But watch out
for the shooters though.

Warning: I'm going to simply tell you newbies right now, but keep
flyers away from them, because of having the extra DMG bonuses that
can be inflicted upon them. And it's very likely that they can be
killed in a single hit making you have to do the mission over
because of it. Keep flyers away from them at all costs, keep that in

If you need Kachua to go nearby otherwise dismount her, so that she doesn't
get sniped off by those arches. Continue to head west, so that your other
troops can have some of the EXP as you certainly do not want Paola to hog
all of it unless that you want her to be promoted earlier. Hopefully she
will at least be at LV12-15 by the end of this chapter. Have Kachua take
out those dragon knights up on the mountains along with Paola with the
Silver Spears. Take out the Silver Spear dropper first, so that you can get
another Silver Spear as your first one will most likely run out of uses
by now.

Anyway, have them kill the dragon knights keeping them by each other to give
10% support bonus as 1 of them will drop a Knight Medal. Heal them with
Salves if they get hurt too much. For some reason these dragon knights
won't attack you. Have Marth go to the village to get a worthless Silver
Axe. Seriously, you will want to sell this as this will not have any other
use. Head NE with your squadren and recruit Julian in the NE village. Marth
will be delighted to see him again as he says "Julian!" in the Japanese text.
Now head SW to battle some Macedonians by the bridge. Watch one of them
have a portrait that is Machis.

For Machis fans out there, yes, he does get a return in Book II. Have Julian
talk to him to recruit him. But, if you get too annoyed with recruting him,
otherwise kill him for some EXP. He's about the only plaging part to this
wonderful game. Go ahead and kill him if you want as he is a worthless
Social Knight and that Rodie,Luke and Cecil are alot better anyway. Anyway,
doing either option next destroy the lone shooter by the boss. Have Linda
attacck the boss here with Aura as the boss will go in a couple of turns or
1 if the critical activated. Anyway, once the boss says his last words he
will drop an orb upon killing him.

Train in the arena if you would like as you can use the lone orb to increase
the growths a bit. Use the castle to heal them, or you can just skip it as
it will have another one after the next chapter anyway. Buy a Steel Sword for
Julian. Buy Steel Spears for Paola and Kachua. And also if your going to plan
on using Machis then buy him an Iron Spear before you go, otherwise let him
rot in the bleachers next chapter.

Note: Have Julian search the castle to find an Aiote's Shield as Michael has
already hid it here anyhow. =P

Weapon Shop

Iron Sword 420
Steel Sword 760
Iron Spear 380
Steel Spear 560
Hand Spear 600
Iron Bow 330

Chapter 4

Starting Characters

Oguma (!!!!)
Yubello (!!!)
Yumina (!!!)

New Characters

Kashim (!!)

Secure the NE village.

Sirius (!)

Allow him to talk to Oguma.

Sheeda (!!!)

Clear the chapter.


Thief-Armor Killer
Thief-Devil Sword
Boss Gairu-Silver Axe (Sell this for 5000G)

Now this is an easy chapter. Bring everyone into battle, then it starts as
Oguma has been hired for another duty to protect the Gra of royality. You
should have 15 characters right now unless you let one of them go. Which is
mostly not recommended. Otherwise you should have 15 squadern right now.
About Oguma, he was a Mercenary captain of Talis. He also had 3 compatirets
Barts,Saji,and Maji which they are not in this game. Nope, no axe users are
availible in this Book. Yup! He's back and ready to kick some ass again. And
mainly he is just cool lookin.

Now this guy is the total opposite of Machis in terms of coolness. Now about
Kashim he was a pure hearted Hunter who was looking for a way to get some
money for his sick mother until Sheeda convinced him on the right path.
Give the Relieve Staff to Marissa and move everyone else to take out a few
Brigands. As for Oguma, have him sit by the bridge beach strip area being
careful not to have him go into range of too many Pirates. Because he cannot
get healed right now and it won't be long before he gets killed.

Move Yumina and Yubello behind the village and DO NOT have Yumina use the
Rescue Staff, because in this game you WILL really need it. I'll tell you
the five points of the game when to use this, because you will NOT be getting
another one of these. Have Yubello use the Fire spell to kill the Devil
Sword Thief. This Thief will try to destroy the village if you don't. Defeat
the Thief down SW to receive a Steel Sword upon killing him. This is so that
the village down there doesn't get demolished.

Starting next turn Sirius will come by to speak to Oguma as Oguma gets a
familiar face that he has seen this guy quite some time ago and wonders that
he is that guy. This is what the Japanese writings says pretty much here.
Try to destroy the Hunters first before the Pirates. Leave Yumina & Yubello
where they are. Continue to pick off the Brigands down south using ranged
attackers as you quickly want to get to those forts, so you can cover them up
as some reinforcements will be coming out of there shortly. Have Oguma and
Sirius continue to take out the Pirates as they get to you. Having Paola and
Kachua going down by the upper fort to block it.

Surround a fort on 4 sides and kill that enemy. Heal on fort if needed and Rinse,
Wash,and Repeat until they are no more. Divide this EXP evenly, I am dead
serious, because they will need to come prepared for the next chapter as it
will be very difficult. Hopefully most of your squadren will be at LV6-8 by
now. Heal oguma, as he probably is close to dying right about now. Lure the
Pirates with Oguma,Doga,and Sirius and have them kill them. Have Linda use
Aura on this boss, as she should be able to defeat him easily. The Boss Gairu
will drop a Silver Axe upon killing him. Sell this next chapter. When you
clear the chapter an ol comrade gets a new face sprite this time just like
Linda did. Yup, that's Sheeda, she comes to greet Marth yet again.

Note: About Sheeda, she is Marth's' fiancee and that she is another troop
from Marth's' first 2 games.

Chapter 5 The Liberation Of Grunia

Starting Characters


New Characters


Have Julian talk to him.


Thief-Knight Medal
Priest-Libro Staff
Boss Toraasu- Orb 2


Battle in it for Money and Experience. Jam the B button if it looks
like that they are going to die in the heat of battle or else you
will have yourself a dead unit!!!

Wowsers! This will be a difficult chapter. Surely you'll want to send out
everyone except Paola, because she is already at a very high level. And
Machis because he suks. Bring in Alan and Sirius. Have Sirius give him either
Sheeda's Killer Lance or a Silver Lance. Select Julian,Yumina and Marissa
definitely. And bring in whoever else that you want. Oh and bring in Doga
and give him the Knight Killer that you have got 3 chapters ago. Now you
should be just about all set.

Start this very hard battle by moving troops such as Sirius,Alan,and
Sheeda up NW mountainous area. And have Rodie,Luke and Cecil block the
bridge down south. But being careful not to move too close to George and
his Sniper trio. Do not worry they will only attack you if you get close
enough. Have Sheeda kill the thieves being careful as one of them is
Ricardo. And yes he has the Member Card. Have Doga block the bridge next
turn and having the gifted little girls Marissa and Yumina stay out of
harms way.

Continue to move Sheeda NW to try to block the upper bridge area, so that
Ricardo doesn't get away. And surely you will want the Member Card as you
CANNOT enter secret stores without it. The remaining enemies should'nt
pose much of a problem to Doga. Have Marissa heal him if he gets too beat
up. Get her out of the way next turn, because some Social Knights carry
some Hand Spears. If Marissa gets hurt have Yumina heal her. Have Julian
talk to Ricardo to have him rejoin Marth's' army. I love that heart in the

This soundtrack is also heard from SSBM too. =D Next have Marth (Rapier)
take out the Armor Knight that is guarding the bridge. Or have any other
sword user use the Armor Killer otherwise to take him out. Have Sirius
take out each of the Dragon Knights 1 at a time preying that he doesn't
receive a critical from 1 of them. Have Linda finish them off with Thunder
to get her some EXP. Eventually they will all die. 
Note: Do not have Linda waste her Aura or Rizaia spells here.

As for the boss Toraasu, he's so pathetically easy that there is no need for
discussing any startegy here. He drops another Orb upon killing him. A few
thieves will come from the bushes SW. Have Sheeda kill them to get her
leveling started. Have Marth visit the upper village to receive a Harmain
Staff. Give this to Marissa as she is the only one that can use it. The
villager says that Marissa has inherited some of Rena's stavery skills.

Rena must've taught the skills to Marissa I suppose. This handy staff
repairs any Weapon or Spell book. SAVE IT. This cannot repair staves
however as this is rather disappointing. Train in the Arena with the 2
Small Orbs to increase the growth a little bit as this shop has LIVE STAVES
that you can use to heal your units in this Arena. Train in this Arena some
I AM DEAD SERIOUS because it will be a VERY long time before you can use
this service again. As some of this money will be needed for this
adventuring anyway.

Don't leave just yet give the Member Card to a flyer then go to north by the
Harmain Staff village to find a Secert Store that sells PROMTIONAL ITEMS. =o
Buy the Priest's Rings especially. But you will be spending ALOT of time
here in the Arena in order to get enough promotion items to promote most or

Everything needing now

Knight Medal 7
Hero Proof 3
Orion Arrow 4
Dragon Whip 4
Priest's Ring 6

Total 240,000G


Needing just enough

Knight Medal 4
Hero Proof 1
Orion Arrow 2
Dragon Whip 1
Priest's Ring 4

Total 120,000G

And yes this is ALOT of scratch to cover all of this, so go ahead and get
leveling. But be careful that they don't die in it either. You can have
built up oguma get the Libro Staff as he should be able to kill him in 1
turn. Otherwise forget it, because unless you have been building him up like
heck with promotion build up he will easily get shot to death by these
Snipers and THEY ARE VERY DEADLY. But be sure to buy at least 5 Fire books
and 5 Live Staves. Then try to get the Libro Staff. Conquer the castle to
get out of here. As for the Libro Staff if you have gotton this, SAVE IT!

Weapon Shop

Iron Spear 380
Steel Spear 560
Hand Spear 600
Thin Spear 450
Iron Bow 330
Steel Bow 560

Item Shop

Salve 300
Door Key 500
Live Staff 1000
Fire 500

Secret Store

Location: Must have the Member Card, then you find it
north by the bush straight up from the Harmain Staff

Knight Medal 10000
Hero Proof 10000
Priest's Ring 10000
Dragon Whip 10000
Orion Arrow 10000

Chapter 6

Starting Characters


New Characters


If he wasn't recruited last chapter. (NOT A RECOMMENDED


Have Oguma or Sheeda talk to him. (Also has Orb 4)


Clear the chapter.


Left One-Magic Staff
Right One-Orb 3

Armor Knight-Door Key
Priest-Secret Book
Priest-Live Staff
Priest-Live Staff
Boss General Lang-Orb 5

Wow you should deploy both Julian/Ricardo. Yes, deploy them both
and deploy anyone else that's below LV8. Bring the Armor Killer
as the Rapier will also be a big help. If you haven't recruited
Ricardo which is recommended to do so, becuase you would otherwise
miss out on a chance to buy some promotional items. Well anyway
start the battle by putting Marth (Rapier) by Sheeda for 10%
support bonus. Oh if Ricardo wasn't recruited last chapter you
would otherwise would have to spring him out of the slammer.

Hopefully the Armor Knights will be defeated taking out a few at
a time or you can have someone with the Armor Killer take them
out. I would advise to block the forts down south as they will
come really quickly and they are quite enough to deal with. Let
one out and kill that foe. Repeat this until they stop coming
completely. Hopefully your units should at least be at LV8 or 9
right now. Have Julian go get the tresures by the Priests making
sure to have a Magic Staff user use the Magic Staff round to
raise Julian's' Mag Def, so that the Worm Spell doesn't deal much
DMG to him and have him grab the 3rd Orb from the treasure.

You don't want to use the Magic Staff no more than one use as this
is the only free one in the game. And no you cannot buy them like you
can in Marth's' other 2 games at least I don't think so. These can
possibly be sold in a Secret Store, but this is yet to be confirmed.
Kill these Priests with ranged attacks as there is no other way to
hit them. A Libro Priest will drop a Secret Book upon killing him.
Give this to Linda right now or just save it for another Magic user
that you will get later in the game.

Now be ready when you open the left door after having Oguma or Sheeda
nearby, because they will have a recrutible character in there with
the orb fragment. Have Oguma or Sheeda talk to Navarre. SURPRIZE!
He's really Samuto in disguise. The real Navarre has already really
have gone to the Grunia capitol. Anyway, once Samuto joins your army
he will come with the 4th Orb. It's important that you DO NOT kill
him, as he comes with an Orb piece. I'm just telling you this so that
you don't get a messed up game. Getting these orbs is INCREDIBLY

Kill the Elfire mage on the other side of the door to receive an
Elfire. The Armor Knight by the throne can be easily taken out a few
at a time with (Rapier/Armor Killer/Magical Attacks). This boss General
Lang to defeat him use Magical attacks. Linda would work best with this
fight using her Aura spell. After General Lang bites the dust and says
his last words he should drop Orb 5. You should have 5 of these by now.
After conquering the throne Wendel says that Maric is on a trial of
being excuted by the Thor Hammer judge as Wendel talks about some
legend of the orbs and the Fire Emblem that Marth has been collecting.

Warning: If you have recruited Ricardo in Chapter 5 (which is most
recommended) and if you have him talk to Julian again the game will be
over. Extremely weird indeed.

Chapter 7

Starting Characters

Navarre (!!)
Fina (!)

New Characters



Thief-Dragon Shield
Thief-Angel Clothes
Thief-Orion Arrow
Thief-Hero Proof
Thief-Orb 6 (IMPORTANT!)
Thief-Steel Sword
Red Dragon- Red Dragon Stone
Thief- Thunder Sword

Oh great, prepare for another onslaught against powerful Hero's including
Astoria (Miracle Sword). You would want fast and durable units. Flyers
will work great here. Bring in Paola so you can promote her. Definitely
bring in Yumina (Rescue Staff). Yes, bring in Doga and anyone else that
you would want. Kachua and Sheeda would be great for this chapter.
Do not use your Libro Staff if you have gotton it from Chapter 5. Now it
starts as Navarre is trying to save a common Dancer named Fina. As
Navarre gets a bit annoyed by Fina's charms on him. Maybe she likes you

At the end of the conversation Fina says "Thank You" to Navarre. For
Navarre you will want him to get another turn from Fina, so that he can
kill the thief with the Angel Clothes. Surely have Yumina use the Rescue
Staff on Fina, so that she doesn't get killed. She will be killed in 2 hits
from them. Kill the thieves that are trying to run away as they have some
REALLY good stuff. Seriously, you will want to catch the one with the
Orb 6. The ones that have nothing will try and get a piece of your troops.
They should'nt pose a problem. Have your flyers catch the ones that have
the valuable goodies staying out of the Hero's' ranges. Especially

Go by the cave to lure out a Red Dragon. Have Linda with Aura do this as
she should be able to take care of it easily. The Red Dragon should die in
3 hits or 1 critical. The Dragon will drop some Red Dragon Stones. YES!
Ut oh some reinforcements should come by now. But they are quite weak. As
they are vanquished this is rather perfect for leveling up your lower
leveled troops. Have your Pegasus squadren take them Elfire Mages out.
Have Sheeda take out the boss. She should be able to do this easier with
Marth by her. Daaru (Daryl) should drop a Thunder Sword after his defeat.
Store this with your other weapons.

Buy any weapons needed replacing and as Marth liberates Daryl's' castle
as Jeigan will tell the story about the Khadains, I think. Well after a
brief conversation with Marth and Jeigan now it is time to begin the next

Weapon Shop

Iron Sword 420
Steel Sword 760
Iron Spear 380
Steel Spear 560
Iron Bow 330
Steel Bow 560

Chapter 8

Starting Characters

Kain (!!)

New Characters


Have Gordon talk to him.


Thief-Orb 7 (IMPORTANT!)
Sniper-Silver Bow

Okay, now you got yourself a really tough bittersweet battle here. Hardain
and his boys George and Astoria are out to get you. Oh great, a battle with
3 characters carrying each of the best weapons in the game. Not only that,
but the enemies are quite powerful here that you may have to redo this
chapter a few times. I would highly suggest to bring some of your most
durable units here. Sirius would be great to bring here as well. Select
Gordon definitely as he is needed to recruit someone here. Whenever that
you are ready it starts as Kain is greeted again by Marth. Marth says
"Kain!" in the first part of the Japanese writings.

Start by moving Marth by the village in the east having Fina giving Marth
another turn. This is a must if your going to expect to get all this done
in time as these reinforcements will be coming quickly. Marth should be
very close to the village by now. You do not want to bring any weak units
here any that can be downed in a hit or 2, because this is just a great way
to cause fustration. Next begin by having Kain kill the thief with the orb.
Kain should be able to kill this thief instantly. Once you have received
the orb have Sirius defeat the other thief making sure that someone buys
from the Weapon Shop now as you will NOT get another chance to do this.

Buy at least 3 Armor Killers and 3 Silver Lances. Now all of this should be
done before your first turn ends. NEXT TURN have Marth go to the village to
recruit Bantou. He is Chiki's' grandfather and that he is looking for her.
Yes, he is another characeter from Marth's' first 2 games. Move Bantou and
have Fina dance to give him another turn then move him again and transform
him. Have Paola pick off the Silver Spear Generals. She should be able to
pull this off. Having Linda from behind Sirius & Paola picking them off
with Elfire.

Bring in Bantou to have a crack at them. He can get critted though so be
careful. Once the General have met their match reinforcements will now
likely will start coming by now and they NEVER stop coming. I am dead
serious. Having Sheeda and Paola fight off the Elfire Mage reinforcements.
But only for 2 turns. Astoria and his gang will be coming after you to
along with Hardain on the 3rd turn after the reinforcements have started
coming. O_o

When they start coming after you surely get what you can done because it
won't be long before they start totaling your army. If you want the Manual
you will want to try to kill the General either before the reinforcements
comes or after Hardain is out of range. Neither of these tasks will be easy
either. Quickly have Gordon talk to George to have him join Marth's' army
yet again. He should have an Orb along with him making this No.8. Kill the
Sniper next to George and get his Silver Bow as his spoil if Marth is by
the castle exit have the other troops get a shot at some enemies to get them
some EXP. Have Marth conquer this throne to call it a day. Phew!

Weapon Shop

Armor Killer 1000
Steel Sword 760
Iron Spear 380
Silver Spear 1600
Iron Bow 330
Steel Bow 560

Chapter 9

Starting Characters


New Characters


Secure the village.


Thief-Dragon Whip
Thief-Thief Staff(!!!) =D
Worm Priest(Left)-Relieve Staff
Worm Priest(Right)-Speed Ring
Boss Yodel-Priest Ring

Left One-Secret Book
Right One-Orb 9

New soundtrack way to go Nintendo & Intelligent systems. Now begin this
chapter by selecting any magic/staff users as they can wade through this
terrain more easily. Your Pegasi are also great to have here. The chapter
begins as Michael tells Minerva that he has kidnapped her sister and is
telling her why. But that is pretty much it. Don't really know if Minerva
forgivs him or not but by saying Michael in the end of the speech guessing
that she does. Send your Sky Horse troops after the thieves sending the
other troops North and East into 2 groups.

Send Julian/Ricardo or both to open the tresures that contains a Secret
Book and the other one contains another Orb piece making this number 9.
Do not waste your Thunder Sword now as you will not be getting another one
of these like you could in a Secret Shop in Book I. Now begin by by taking
out the Fireball Mages with any characters that is in need of some EXP.
Preferably the one that you are going to seriously planning on using. Kill
the remaining thieves making sure to tread Sheeda some of this EXP, because
she is a REALLLY good unit and she starts out quite weak. Have Marth save
the village to meet Minerva again for the 2nd time as she should come with
the 9th Orb.

Minerva is the princess of Macedonia and she loves her sister Maria very
much. She was from the first 2 of Marth's' games and now she is thrown into
exile from her own country, because she could'nt run it as well as Michael
could of. Anyway, once this lass joins your army, NOW then for the western
enemies lure them one at a time and take them out. Have Minerva do some of
this. Or you can just have George use Kashim's Kill Bow and watch him clean
up the mess.

But be careful when doing this as they have several Worm Priests that will
love to start picking off your most vurnable troops. Keep Fina away, because
she can be killed quite easily due to her low level. Buy Pure Waters and
have units like George use a Pure Water then snipe off those Worm Priests.
Oh one more thing, this won't be an easy picnic as Astoria and some Hero
and Sniper squadren will be after you and they are 100% DANGER. Hurry as
they have Silver Weapon. So you will want to do this chapter quickly as
this dedly trio will be catching up to you quickly.

Yodel is cake just raise Magic Def and have one of you Pegasi take him out.
This is one surefire way to defeat him without taking serious amounts of DMG
from his Bolgannon Spells. He drops a Priest Ring upon defeating him. I would
advise to buy at least 3 Pure Waters,1 Relieve Staff,and 5 Kill Swords. Don't
buy any Silver Swords now, because you can get them half cheaper after the
next chapter. Buy at least another 2 Silver Spears,3 Thunders,3 Freezes,and 5
Elfires. If Marth has reached in range of the exit you can go ahead and kill
off some of Astoria's men for EXP if you want. But as for Astoria DO NOT KILL
him, because he is recruitible. BUT NOT NOW. Whenever that you are ready have
Marth conquer the castle to begin the next chapter.

Item Shop (Left)

Fire 500
Thunder 630
Freeze 690
Elfire 900
Live Staff 1000
Relieve Staff 1600

Item Shop (Right)

Salve 300
Pure Water 1200
Door Key 500
Treasure Key 500
Bridge Key 1000

Weapon Shop

Iron Sword 420
Kill Sword 1100
Silver Sword 2000
Thin Spear 450
Silver Spear 1600
Steel Bow 560

Chapter 10

Starting Characters

Maric (!!!!!)

New Characters

Elren (!!!!)

Have Wendel speak to him.


Elren-Orb 10
Hidden Thief(will appear after Turn 10)-Silver Card (!!!)
Mercenary-Kill Sword

Left-Silence Staff
Right-Airlock staff

By throne

Left-Watch Staff

This chapter is smooth sailing for once. This is probably the easiest chapter
in the game. Seriously! Select Yumina and Marissa definitely and Wendel
definitely. As for everyone else pick your lowest leveled troops here as this
is now the perfect time to catch them up with everyone else. Maric is going
to get executed. Ut oh!

start by having Yumina use the Rescue Staff once again to get Maric out of
the way. Move everyone down the stairs and have someone in range of the Worm
Priest, so that Elren can come down to go after you. As soon as he gets by you
be sure to wait until Turn 10 so that the thief with the Silver Card will
appear. The thief will not show up if you do this glitch trick too early.
If Elren stops coming preferabley have gotton out of the Worm Priest' ranges
of the Worm spells then this glitch trick will not work and you will have to
begin the chapter all over again to try this again.

Anyway once eventually Elren gets to Wendel keeping out of his range next
Turn have Wendel speak to him to have him realize the errors of his ways.
Once that he joins your cause the troops mysteriously will come after you
without attacking you, because of Elren being recruited. They may be good guys
now but go ahead and begin picking off these enemies with your weakest units
as this will be some of the easiest EXP that you will ever get. Kill the Thief
with the Silver Card with Maric/Elren. This thief needs to die. Seriously,
because you really will want that item that he is holding as YOU REALLY WILL

Anyway, once that the card is yours kill the remaining squadren then collect
the treasure and have Marissa use the Thief Staff to collect the treasures
that are not attainable without it otherwise. Having Marissa using the Thief
Staff makes some really cool music the same that it does when you use these
other staves that you get here! This is in fact one of the juicest tunes in
this wondeful game. GO NINTENDO & INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS GO. Anyway back to the
victory music now. Once that you are finished collecting the treasure have
Marth conquer the Khadain throne to hear a story Gato tells then the next
chapter shall begin now.

Chapter 11 Anri

Starting Characters


New Characters



Berserker- Master Sword
Mini Boss Rapps Dragon-Manual

Desert Items

Power Ring- By upper rock exit.
Manual- By side of rock to the right by the castle.
Silver Axe- By NW rock corner.
Silver Axe- By skeleton south of castle tower.
Goddess Statue-By skeleton south of castle.
Dragon Shield- By NE corner by cobblestone.
Silver Axe- By small cobblestone south near the
western cobblestone by the starting area.
Secret Book- By the Power Ring
Angel Clothes- South of the Power Ring below rocky way.
Speed Ring- SW corner of the map.

Now, it seems that Marth is on a mission to follow the path that his ancestor
Anri took. Now seeing this civilization will probably have you imagine none
of Nintendo's' games that you've played has this feature. Desert with blood
thirsty Axemen & Flying Dragons as well as a sword user posing yeah I'm cool
with that helmet of his on. Now select any character but your archers and
Doga. Unless you want to have a really slow battle. I would recommend bringing
in your magic users and your flyers.

Well now this chapter shouldn't require much strategy to finish. Just lure in
one at a time and take them out. This is all that it is needed to finish this
chapter. Now for the Berserker taking him out surely you will want either
Maric (Excalibur) or Linda (Aura) to take him out. But watch out for the Rapps
Dragons' ranges as they move alot farther than the Savages do. Elren with
Torron may work as well. The Rapps Dragon Mini Boss will drop a Manual upon
killing it. Give this to Julian, Warren, or Ricardo, since no one else really
needs this.

Search for the hidden items that I have listed. Once that you have found them
her is whom I would recommend giving these too and they are...

Power Ring= Chainey or Sheeda
Manual=Julian,Ricardo,or Warren
Goddess Statue= Sirius
Secret Book= Linda,Maric,Elren,Chiki,or Bantou
Dragon Shield= Linda,Maric,Elren,Marissa
Angel Clothes= Yumina
Speed Ring= Doga or Sheema

Now, wait don't LEAVE the chapter just yet. Yes, there is a Secret Shop here.
Pull out your Member and Silver Cards and see the cobblestone just on top of
the chapters' desert map. Way North as possible. Go there with the Member and
Silver Cards to find it. Buy at least 3 Rapiers (this is all that you really
need.) Buy another 2 or 3 Armor Killers ESPECIALLY buy the Dragon Killers as
this certainly will make the next few chapters ALOT easier. Buy 3 or 4 Silver
Bows and buy 7 Knight Killers. Silver Swords here can now be bought at half
price. Buy as much as needed for these. After that you are done buying from
Anna's' secret shop ohh she's so cute. Now you can clear the chapter.

Two familiar faces will show as this is Chiki and Chainey. YAY! About
Chiki, she is Bantou's' granddaughter and yes she was controlled by Garnef's'
mind control and that she is also princess of the Narga kingdom. About
Chainey, she is a wandering female ninja that has the ability to transform
into anyone doing their techniques. Marissa and Yumina hopefully should be
promoted by now Arena or not. Seriously you will want them out of that Sister
class right about now.

Secret Store

Location: Must have Member Card and that it is found
at the Cobblestone far up north at the top of the map.

Rapier 3000
Armor Killer 1000
Dragon Killer 1600 (BUY THIS!)
Silver Sword 2000
Knight Killer 700
Silver Bow 2200

Chapter 12

Starting Characters


New Characters



Lone One- Orb 10

Red Dragon (by fort)-Orion Arrow

Wooah, your inside a volcano as you can see Nomadic Axemen living there with
Dragons. Creepy. And yes they have Devil Axes. Oh great, you surely do not
want to use anyone that has really low defense as these Savages will just
about total any of them in a single hit. Surprizing that this doesn't
backfire on them due to them having pretty low luck. Bring in at least 2
Bow Users,your Magic users,Julian, because he just rocks. Pick anyone else of
your choice. Now it starts as Chainey as she talks about some legendary Orb
being found in this cavern.

Marth doesn't really want to do this, but this as Chainey says that he can
either find it or allow it to get lost and to him getting killed. Of course
the goodhearted Marth really has no choice but to find this orb. You'll want
to move back as these Rapps Dragons are plenty to deal with due to the fact
that dragon attacks cannot be neglected. The Dragons should be taken out with
Dragon Killers that you have got from last chapter. Watch out for those
Savages as they can deal 30DMG per hit. THEY are deadly. Just kill them with
Magical attacks as they have almost no Mag Def whatsoever.

Just don't have more than one attack you, because 2 of these guys hitting you
will kill any troop outright. I would advise to block those forts down SE,
because the enemies will come out of there shortly and they are deadly. Do
the fort trick leveling up your troops evenly until that they are all gone.
Grab the Orb. Kill the remaining enemies by the fort by luring them one at a
time then kill the Red Dragon by the fort to receive an Orion Arrow upon
killing it. Conquer the fort to get the heck out of here. Chainey explains
about the connection with the Dragons and of Dolua.

Tip: Use the Thunder spell/Thunder Sword(Not Recommended) here
as in here you get to see a cool scenery in this red clouds of

Chapter 13

Starting Characters


New Characters



Ice Dragon(by fort)-Hero Proof

Middle One-Dragon Killer
NE One-Boots
SE One-10000G

Honestly, this is easier than the last chapter. Because they have Savages that
only carry Silver Axes this time. *Sigh* You may want to send in Bantou as he
is somewhat useful here. But be sure to give him some Orbs to get him to grow
some stats during his level gains here. Definitely send in anyone else that
is under LV10 here. Because you want to get their levels going, so that they
don't end up useless later in the game. Chainey talks about Gato and Chiki
as well as the dragon legends as well as Dolua that is involved with them.

Start by fortifying your troops in positions having highly defensive movable
units taking out those Silver Axe Savages. Dragon Knights will be perfect for
this chapter. Have your Magic users take care of them as well. You will want
to defeat them quickly as they will have a Thief that will try to take the
10000G treasure. The Ice Dragons will get to you in no time at all. Watch out
as they can cross rivers. Hit the Savage by the riverbank to try to get him
to run to the fort. This will get him to block the fort preventing Ice
Dragons from spawning out. The Silver Axe Savages can deal 26 DMG per hit
just keep note of this. They may be less deadlier than the last chapter ones,
but do not take them lightly though however.

Lure the remaining enemies and kill them. Defeat the Ice Dragon at the fort
to receive a Hero Proof. Grab the treasures then go to a Secret Shop which is
located at the spot where the Savage was that ran to the fort to heal. I
don't know what they sell here but e-mail me and let me know what they sell
if you know. Once your done buying from this Secret Shop if you've found it
conquer the fort after Chainey talks about Gato and Chiki now begins the next

Secret Shop

Location: The secret shop is located in the southwest of the stage, on a
grassy area where a bandit is standing.

Killer Lance 1000
Killer Bow 1200
Shaver 1500
Bologonone 1950
Reblow 2400
MShield 9600

Chapter 14

Starting Characters


New Characters

Chiki (!!!!!)

Enter the building on the right as soon
as Gato opens it.


Thief-Warp Staff
Thief-Priest Ring

Left One-Again Staff
Middle One-Sword Killer
Right One-Magic Armlet

Now, this is another relaxing chapter. Send in anyone that is at least at LV10
here. Bring at least 1 staff user. Bring at least 1 flyer. Pick anyone else
that you would like. Start this chapter by having a flyer kill the Thief with
the Warp Staff. YOU will really want this. Keep everyone else below the castle,
because they have thieves in their that will love to have a piece of you. They
can deal 23 DMG per hit. Kill each of these thieves as they get to you keeping
out of range of the Ice Dragons. Lure the Ice Dragons and kill them. Step in
the middle of the doorway to finally see Gato for the first time in this Book.

After a long conversation with him have your troop go to the right door to
reveal Chiki's' apperance. She calls Marth "Big Brother" many many times. This
is rather cute. Tape this if you own the actual cart, because this is just
too cute to see only just once. After this cute conversation ends now go to the
left chambers and grab it's treasure and DON'T LEAVE JUST YET. Okay here is the
location of ANOTHER SECRET SHOP. Okay warp your flyer at the cracked ice left
of Gato's' chambers making sure to have the Member and Silver Cards to find
this Secret Shop. And yes it SELLS DRAGONSTONES HERE. BOF mania baby.

Buy at least 1 of each stone then listen up fellas I am about to tell you
something VERY

---------- |\ /| |---- ------ ------ ------- ------- |\ | ----|  
  | | \ / | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | |  
  | | \/ | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | |  
  | | | |---- | | |-----| | | | | \ | | |  
  | | | | | | | | | |------| | \ | | |  
  | | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | |  
  | | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | |  
---------- | | | |------ | | | | | | \| | |  

No I really do mean it. But I hope that you have got the yellow colored Orb
called the Light Orb if you haven't got this then I am afraid that you will have
to start the entire game all over. =/ I know, but I REALLY do mean it, because
you will NOT BE ABLE TO FINISH THIS GAME WITHOUT IT. *Sigh* You are supposed to
have all 12 orbs by now. If you don't and don't have the Light Orb you will
have to end your adventure right here. If you have gotton all 12 Small Orbs
then you will get both the Light and Star Orbs. WHICH IS MOST RECOMMENDED!

Anyway, once that you have got the Light and Star Orbs or just the Light Orb,
now that this WARNING has been cleared up now conquer the castle throne to get
out of here.

Secret Shop

Location: At the cracked ice in the left side of Gato's' chambers.
Must need Warp Staff and the Member Card in order to find it.

Red Dragon Stone 18000 (BUY THIS!)
Flying Dragon Stone 18000 (BUY THIS!)
Ice Dragon Stone 18000 (BUY THIS!)
Time Dragon Stone 18000 (BUY THIS!)

Chapter 15

Starting Characters

Est (!!!!)

Better use the Rescue Staff if you are to
have any hope of saving her.

New Characters

Abel (!)

Have Marth or Est talk to him.


Left One-Dragon Shield
Right One-Power Ring

Horseman-Silver Bow
Paladin-Knight Killer
Paladin-Steel Spear
Paladin-Silver Spear
Thief-Silver Sword
Thief-Silver Sword
General(Inside Cell)-Silver Spear
Reinforcement Thieves-200G
Priest-Libro Staff
Boss Beru General-Silver Spear


Battle in it for Money and Experience. Jam the B button if it looks
like that they are going to die in the heat of battle or else you
will have yourself a dead unit!!!

This is going to be your toughest battle yet. Many enemies here are going to
be armed to the teeth with powerful weapons. And three cheers for new music.
*Applauses* And wait there's more this chapter has an Arena in it too. Really
it has been a LOOOONNNG time that you have battled in one of these things.
Bring the Light and Star Orbs or just the Light Orb. If you have none of
these items in your inventory IT IS SILLY TO CONTINUE THIS GAME FROM HERE ON.
I MEAN IT if you do not have the Light Orb end your quest RIGHT NOW and start
all over.

Bring several healers here as these enemies here are quite brutal. Also bring
in your Silver Card too. Bring in your leftover promotional items to
continue to promote anybody by the end of this chapter. For now give these
orbs to Marth to grow him some extra stats. Pass the Star Orb whenever your
troop is close to leveling up, so that they can gain some extra stats
including a chance to grow them some permenent Mag Def. Move everyone west
except Chiki, because she can rather handle herself with the Time Dragon
Transformation. Transform her into a Time Dragon and have her take out those
eastern enemies. Laugh out loud as no one can stop her.

The eastern enemies will drop Horsemen Silver Bow X2,Paladin Knight Killer,
Paladin Silver Spear. Pick off the Armor Knights (Hand Spear) and Sniper
with Marth (with the Light and Star Orbs). Make sure to take care of that
Sniper especially. As well as a Freeze Magician that will drop a Freeze
upon killing him. Once that you have saved Est have her destroy the Balistas
mounted. Do not worry she won't get effected by the Thunder Cannon Ballistas.
Have her destroy the Balliste on the right. watch out for that Sniper though.

Now would be a good choice to choose whatever village that you want. I would
recommend the Dragon Shield as that is a better prize anyway. Well what's
important is what you decide. Whatever you choose is completely up to you.
After that give this stat up item to

Here are my recommendations

Dragon Shield-Linda,Marissa,Yumina
Power Ring-Chainey or Sheeda

Kill the thieves and block those forts because starting on Turn 19-24. Anyway
have Marth/Est move south and out of Abel's range because most likely he will
be close to you right now. Have Chiki finish off the remaining enemies east
to receive 2 Elfire from the Elfire mages at the east. Do the fort trick and
level up any units with the Star Orb to grow them some extra stats. Start
using these Orbs now that you have them. As well as taking out those thieves
as they should drop a Rapier,Silver Sword X2,and 1500G. Pick off the Sniper
and the right Thunder Balliste with whomever that you want that has rather
good defense.

Some thieves will come out of those forts by the boss. They should be killed
with your weakest units as this is another great time to level them. Kill the
Priests as one of them should drop a Libro Staff upon defeat. Open the door
and have Est kill the Silver Spear General with an Armor Killer. She should
be able to do this if you have leveled her up a few times. Heal her each turn
and repeat this until the General dies. This should get her ALOT of EXP by
killing him as the General should also be dropping a Silver Spear upon
defeat. Kill the boss with magical attacks and he shall kick the dirt in
agony upon defeat. As he should be dropping a Silver Spear upon defeat. Wow
these foes are surely loaded with all of these spoils of goodies.

Use the Arena with the Light and Star Orbs to give them a MUCH easier time in
it. The Light Orb prevents criticals in it as the Star Orb should be able to
increase them some extra stats. Level them to promotion or as much as you
wish as this will grow them some extra stats and some Permenent Mag Def.
Buy some Kill Swords,Kill Lances,Pure Waters,and some Live and Relieve
Staves with your new gold. Conquer Marth's' courtyard and as a brief
conversation with Marth and Jeigan begins the next chapter will begin to
start. NEXT!

Weapon Shop (Up)

Iron Sword 420
Steel Sword 760
Iron Spear 380
Steel Spear 560
Iron Bow 330
Steel Bow 560

Weapon Shop (Down)

Kill Sword 1100
Silver Sword 2000
Hand Spear 600
Kill Lance 1200
Silver Spear 1600
Silver Bow 2200

Item Shop (Up)

Fire 500
Thunder 630
Freeze 680
Elfire 900
Live Staff 1000
Relieve Staff 1600

Item Shop (Down)

Salve 300
Pure Water 1200
Door Key 500
Treasure Key 500
Bridge Key 1000

Chapter 16

Starting Characters


New Characters


 X4X 5 6
  X X X
1.Speed Ring
2.Dragon Whip
5.Goddess Statue
6.Knight Medal
7.Secret Book

Send in anybody that are Sword/Magic users and definitely George. Send in
Chainey if you would like. Certainly you would want to send in Chiki.
Transform Chiki into God/Time Dragon and have her move to the left side
of the screen. Now remember to pass the Star Orb to anybody who is close
to leveling up, so that the character will gain some extra stats. Warp a
troop to the Thief with the Earth Orb and it is VERY important that you
get this orb. Est would be a good example of getting this Orb.

After that is settled have the others go north. NEXT TURN, move the person
that you've Warped by the Thief to get the Earth Orb west along the
courtyard. Form a position in between the cranny with Chiki having your
Magic users Linda,Maric,Elren, or Yubello pick them off from behind Chiki.
Have George by as well. Now have Chainey,Julian,Ricardo and your western
troop continue going in their directions, so that they can intercept the
oncoming thieves that have got some of your goodies.

The treasures that they took will be dropped upon killing them either by
looking at their inventories or by what is explained on the chart here.
But be sure not to attack the blonde guy as he can now be recruited by
having George talk to him. Only do this once that you have just a couple
of Hero enemies left. Once that he has switched sides with you one of
these Hero enemies should drop an Armor Killer upon defeat. If the
enemies on the right side of the map have came out the door you'll have
to take them out quickly, because they are quite deadly or otherwise
you would have to open the door. Either way you'll have to raise their
Mag Def or if they have gained enough permenent Mag Def, because there
are going to have enemies that will be having Worm spells.

You will want to take out those Kill Bow Snipers quickly, because they
are alot deadlier than those Wrom Priests are. Kill the Worm Priests
and Priests as the Priests should drop a Libro Staff and a Reserve
Staff. The boss Wiroo should drop a Recover Staff upon defeat. But
wait that's not all, collect the remaining treasure if you haven't
already. Otherwise just clear this chapter right now and call it a day.

Chapter 17

Starting Characters


New Characters

Sheema (!!!!)

Must keep all of Gra's' soldiers alive then have Marth
speak to her.

Samson (!!)

Have Sheema speak to him.


Opened- Nothing!
Not Opened- Dragon Whip

Thief- Rizaia Book (!!)

Select your lowest leveled troops here as anyone else that you want to
level up. Move your troops by the Dragon Knights then take them out. Do not
warp anybody by the Rizaia Book Thief until Turn 3, because you want to
wait for the Dragon Kinghts to move away from the southern coastline area.
If your unsure on whom to keep alive and or whom to save then do not harm
any units that have Iron (Brown) colored weapons and that are at a rather
very low level and they will not attack you either. Yup, those are Gra

The ones with the Silver Weapons and are at LV20 are your enemies (Green)
colored weapons yeah those are the Akanians. When the Dragon Knights
comes to you Jeibaa/Excalibur are the most effective ways of taking them
out. Surround the Silver Bow archers and kill them. Now you can Warp
someone like Linda/Chainey to take out the Thief with the Rizaia Book.
Be sure to Warp them in a place whre the Thief cannot get away and be
careful when entering the doorways as they do have some Akanian troops in
them areas. The bad guys are the ones that are attacking you, because any
Gra soldiers will not attack you.

When you get by Sheema and Samson keeping out of Samson's' range be sure
to have Fina by, so that she can dance to give Marth another turn, so that
he can talk to Sheema. Now, have her talk to Samson to recruit him as well.
Now you can kill the Gra soldiers. I would recommend this EXP to your
lowest leveled troops now. This is some of the easiest EXP that you will
ever get, so go for it. Grab the treasure then move out.

Item Shop

Salve 300
Door Key 500
Relieve 1600
Thunder 630
Freeze 690
Elfire 900

Weapon Shop

Silver Sword

Hand Spear 600
Thin Spear 450
Silver Spear 1600
Kill Bow 1000
Silver Bow 2200

Chapter 18 The Battle Of The Pass

Starting Characters


New Characters



Village-Life Orb (IMPORTANT!)

Oh my, =O Now you see that this will be a tough battle. Definitely send in
Chiki,Sirius,your Magicians/Priest/Priestess Maric,Elren,Yubello,and Linda.
And send in Paola,Kachua,Est,Sheeda,Minerva (if you want,and anyone else
that you would want.) Surely you will want to bring in a Warp Staff user,
Member Card,and Silver Card and yes, there is a Secret Shop here. Now you
should be just about all set.

Now it begins as you see four familiar faces named Ulf,Roshe,Zagaro,and
Viliak. Yes, they were from Marth's' first 2 games. If you haven't played
them I'll tell you who they are. They're Akanian soldiers loyal to
Hardain and it seemed that they only fought alongside of Marth's' army for
the good of Akaneia. But still why has Hardain gone mad. Hmm...Well
anyway, Roshe is questioning Akaneia as he says that he does not want to
fight Marth.

But Ulf,Zagaro,and Viliak would have to disagree with Roshe on this one.
NO they cannot be recruited, so do not e-mail me about it. Because if they
could they would have a Luck stats like a real recruitible character would.
They disagree with Roshe as for the sake of Akaneia's word that Ariteia
has been labeled traitor to all of Akaneia.

Start by warping Marth by the village and have him visit it to meet the
former king of Oruleans. After this conversation ends as he tells Ulf's'
squadren to retreat. You can possibly do this battle without having to
do this. But I will not provide a strategy for this one. Mainly most
likely you will not bring yourself to do that anyway. But by retreating
them will cause a fleet of Dragon Knights to come after you and they are
DEADLY. Also Marth should receive the Life Orb.

I would recommend having Chiki taking out those Dragon Knights. Have her
transform into either a Time/Flying Dragon. The Generals should be taken
out with any troops highly defensive because you are having Chiki taking
out those Dragon Knights. It can take some luck to this part of the
battle. Wind Magic will be effective on them Dragon Knights as well. Lure
one General at a time and take them out with Chiki. Do not fight the
Generals by the castle until the Dragon Knights stops swarming the screen.

Kill the Reserve Priests and some Thief reinforcements will be coming out
of the cavern in the west but they are nothing to worry about. Kill them
with any troops that is in need of promotion. Because you will want to
start promoting by the end of this chapter. Yubello,Elren,and Maric
should be at least at LV15 right now. Go ahead and promote them now. If
you don't have the Prist Rings from waaay back in Chapeter 5 not to
worry, because a Secret Shop here will sell some of these anyway.

You find it at the edge top of the waterfall. Buy any promotional items
now using the Silver Card this time. You should be able to afford these,
so go ahead and buy the amount needed to promote anyone else if you
didn't feel like buying them in chapter 5. Now, time to begin the next

Secret Shop

Location: At the edge of the top of the waterfall. Must
have Member Card in order to find it.

Knight Medal 10000
Hero Proof 10000
Orion Arrow 10000
Dragon Whip 10000
Priest Ring 10000

Chapter 19

Starting Characters


New Characters


Secure the village and he must be alive
from last chapter in order to be recruited.


Paladin(Silver Spear)-Dragon Shield
Chapter Clear-Torron (!!!!)
Chapter Clear-Libro Staff (!!!)


Battle in it for Money and Experience. Jam the B button if it looks
like that they are going to die in the heat of battle or else you
will have yourself a dead unit!!!

Wowsers, this has to possibly be the 2nd hardest battle in the game.
PERIOD! Ack! I hope that your troops are promoted. You will want to
send in anyone else that is in need of class changing. Make sure to
send in Sheema,Samson,Astoria,and Warren. Send in your newly promoted
Priests. This is vital that you start promoting your troops now if your
going to expect to survive here. It seems that Hardain will stop at
nothing to take down Ariteia.

Move your troops east. There is an Arena, yes, but do not battle in it
right now, because these enemies here are likely going to defeat your
troops outright. This part of the battle is won by luck basically.
They are going to get blasted by a few Worms and Elephants. You can
lose a character just from this alone if your not careful. Try to
keep out of their ranges with the weaker troops by having them go east
through the bushes mountain path. Kill the Iron Sword Thieves as they
will try to destroy the town here.

Now position Chiki,Sirius,and Marth or another highly defensive unit.
Now, whenever your ready move someone far north by the enemy base
territory, but NOT to far west. This will lure the Paladins and a few
Bolgannon Mages after you. Now just hope and prey that your 3 troops
will survive. Do not move anyone else to kill them until that there is
only just a few of them left. They will have a chance, but very little.
Pelt them with distant attackers behind your 3 most powerful troops so
with Maric (Excalibur),Linda (Aura),Elren (Torron). If one of your
defenders didn't make it, RESTART and try again!

Well once that this wave has eventually been eradicated now then have
Chiki by the castle area. One of the Paladins should've already dropped
a Dragon Shield. Have Chiki in Time Dragon form take out those Elephant
shooters as they are the deadliest among the rest keeping away from the
castle. KEEP AWAY FROM THE CASTLE! I really do mean it, because you
certainly do not want to be swarmed with Paladins with Silver/Kill
Weapons. Kill the remaining enemies staying out of the castle range. Now
then when they are all gone NO enemies should be coming out of those
forts, because if they have it is very likely that you will suffer some

Train in the Arena now with the Orbs. You do not have to heal them
unless your Sisters (Clerics) needs EXP for promotion. Otherwise let the
Life Orb heal them. Buy whatever is needed then cover the forts up then as
for the Boss just kill him with any Magic User or just have Chiki kill him.
Anyway, after Neiyring dies have Marth conquer the throne and it seems that
Hardain has already awaited for Ariteia's' arrival. As for Boa he will
reward Marth with a Torron and a Libro Staff.

WARNING: I would highly recommend to cover those forts up before battling
the boss, because these enemies will likely have fun tearing your squadren
to pieces.

Item Shop

Salve 300
Door Key 500
Relieve Staff 1600
Thunder 630
Freeze 690
Elfire 900

Weapon Shop
Silver Sword 2000
Armor Killer 1000
Dragon Killer 1600
Knight Killer 700
Silver Spear 1600
Silver Bow 2200

Chapter 20 The Emperor Of Darkness

Starting Characters

Medeia (!)

Use the Rescue Staff to save this

New Characters



Hardain- Gladius and Dark Orb (!!!)

NW One-Lady Sword
NE One- Devil Sword

  X 5

2.Orion Bolt
3.Knight Proof
4.Dragon Whip
5.Priest's Ring

The Rest-Has Promotion Items

Here is who I would recommend giving these weapons to and they are.....


Marth-Rapier/Light Orb
Est-Miracle Sword
Any Hero-Sword Killer
Sheema/Doga-Silver/Killer Lance
Marissa-Thief Staff
Yumina-Rescue Staff
Paola-Lady Sword/Silver Sword
Kachua-Lady Sword/Silver Sword
Chiki-Time/God Dragon Stone
Any-Star/Earth/Life Orb

Wow it's now finally time to show Hardain what he is made of. *Sigh* If
you don't have the Light Orb then this is where your wonderful adventure
will end. If you don't have the Light Orb as Jeigan already warns you
about then you will have to start all over. No I am dead serious, but
without the Light Orb you will not be able to proceed beyond this
chapter. Now it starts as the evil emperor Hardain talking with Medeia
to commit her execution. This will be the toughest chapter in the game.
Time to make a full explanation of this chapter.

Ack! I hope that you have saved your Libro/Reserve Staves, because this
is a chapter when these will start becoming useful. You will surely
need a Warp Staff as well. Bring your Again Staff, because this is one
of these times to start using it. Beware here as every enemy here is at
an elite calibur where they have been training for years and years
waiting to get a piece of any army. This is Hardain's' most elite co
of Akaneia. Yes, they are each at LV20 ready to get a piece of Ariteia.
But you'll soon show them.

Warp someone to the LV20 Thief and kill him as he is the only Thief
here. Have Yumina use the Rescue Staff to rescue Medeia. Have a good
melee fighter such as a Hero take him out. This is so that you can get
the treasure here. Next kill the Silver Sword Hero with a Hero with the
Sword Killer as he should go down in a flash. No need for rushing here
as the enemies here can total any unit here if you are not careful. NO.1
rule, never rush in RPG's as you don't really want to miss anything.

Raise Mag Def or have some Permenent Mag Def units proceed to the west
watching out as they have Priests that will blow you away with Meteo
and Worms if you get within ten spaces of their ranges. Have Chiki in
God/Time Dragon form take out the Meteo Priest that is hanging against
the wall. As for the Sword Killer Hero defeat him with your own Sword
Killer Hero user. Don't send Fina west, because of her lone HP she will
get killed rather easily. As for Medeia (if you rescued her) do not
have her go west as she will just get easily get picked off by the
long distant Magic attackers.

Warning: If Medeia hasn't been rescued then you will have to save
her the hard way as Hardain will not order the soldiers to kill her
just yet. But, when you engage the combat scene with Hardain that's
when he will begin to order his bodyguards to kill her.

The Meteo Priests do 21DMG per hit (DMG can be neglected with Mag Def).
If Chiki has transformed into a Time Dragon then the Meteos will only
deal 1HP of DMG to her. Bring Sheema/Doga up by the Bolgannon Mage with
Mag Def raised then they should'nt take much damage from them. Have
Sheema/Doga kill the Silver Bow Sniper (with Silver Spear). Finish the
Hand Spear General with someone like Est. Have her kill him with the
Miracle Sword or an Armor Killer.

Now send in your Partia Bow user to kill those damned Priests in the
locked room up northwest. Now have Chiki kill the Meteo Priest that's
hugging the wall. That's already 2 pests swatted outta the way. But
next turn a Hand Spear General and a Sniper will attack Chiki, but she
should be able to handle them easily without any instructions. Now,
after they are finished off next begin by collecting the treasure. The
NW one contains a Lady Sword give this to Paola/Kachua whomever didn't
get one at the start of the battle.

You can do this part of the battle in two ways either take the treasure
room route or the Earth Dragon route. Either route isn't going to be
easy just keep note of that. I would recommend the route in the
treasure room, because not only will you have an easier trip but it is
certainly better than having to battle that nasty Earth Dragon down
there. No that is not Medeius. Yep, surprize now that they are regular
enemies this time!!

If you take the Earth Dragon route then you would want to kill those
Meteo and Worm Priests first before battling the Earth Dragon. But
oh no this time you don't have the Falchion either. Don't try Dragon
Killers on it, because they won't be affected by it. Yep, have a Sword
and Bow user with 20 Strength with the Miracle/Partia nail this dragon
with it. Use the Star Orb on one of these weapons, so that it doesn't
run out any uses on that particular weapon, because they have Priests
down there that may heal the Earth Dragon and yes, this can be a

Anyway, repeat this until the Earth Dragon dies. Congradulations, now
you've just defeated an Earth Dragon that's a regular enemy. This
Dragon can saw attacks by half don't forget that. This is awesome
indeed if you did defeat it, because this used to be the last boss in
Marth's' first 2 games except then you had the Falchion. But this time
you don't. Now if you took the other route instead, oh great, they have a
Drain Book Priest down there that will Drain any character' HP down to
1 HP if hit by it.

The best way to killing this enemy would be to have Chiki kill this
foe. This foe if he hit her with his sinister magic spell heal her with
Libro Staves, so that the Silver Bow Sniper doesn't kill her. Afterwards
grab the remaining treasure as they each have promotion items of evey
kind except the Hero Proof. Quickly give the Light Orb to Linda,Maric,or
Marth then open the door and or walk through the narrow passageway to
the throne room if your at the south route in the end instead of the
treasure room route. Either way Hardain has been expecting your arrival.

After the conversation, enemies now starts the REAL thing. LOTS OF
SILVER WEAPON HEROS AND SNIPERS will be coming from SE and they are
VERY DEADLY, so be sure to defeat Hardain quickly. Have Marth (Miracle
Sword) with (Light Orb) or have Linda (With Aura) Maric (with Excalibur)
and both with the (Light Orb) quickly take him out. If you don't have the
Light Orb then this is the end of your adventure right here, because you
cannot defeat him without this. Now then after Hardain eventually gets
defeated after he says his last words quickly have Marissa use the Thief
Staff to grab the treasure SE as it contains a Devil Sword.

This will be more useful as by now your troops should be having some good
luck stats by now anyway, so go ahead and get this. After Hardain's'
defeat he says that he isn't all that bad as he says that he was and that
Medeius has been inside of him. And that he also gives Marth the Dark orb
and that he drops the Gladius upon defeat and that Nina's' marrage with
him was forced. He shows Marth to Nina and the others Ellis,Rena,and
Maria but as they are safe and sound suddely out of the blue a Priest out
of the blue comes and takes them away. Oh no

Yep it's Garnef ut oh. And he calls out to Marth and says that if he
ever wants to see them again he tells Marth to meet him at Dragon Tier.
Yeah he is the evil wizard who has the ability to control anyone' minds
that has such negative thoughts such as hatred,greed,and jealousy. The
pure hearted Marth cannot stand to see this as his friends and his sister
gets kidnapped AGAIN. Medeius has possed Hardain, figures. There is no way
that Hardain can come up with a plan as evil as this. (Provided if you
have already played Marth's' first 2 games.) Anyway, after a brief chat
with Gato, now it's time to wrap up this wonderful game.

Note: If you need another turn when fighting Hardain use the Again Staff
to get another turn.

Note: I've just found out from the site Serenes Forest that if you do not
have all of the orbs, you will not go beyond this chapter.

Dragon Valley (Part I)

Starting Characters


New Characters



Village(Michael)-Starlight(!!!) (IMPORTANT!)

Wowsers, new music, I know. *Applauses* Now then select Marissa,Yumina,
Linda,Maric,and Sirius(If you can),Minerva,Julian,Fina(If you can)
Medeia (Definitely) and select anyone else that hasn't class changed
yet. Because the last chapter wasn't really a chapter to do that. This
is now the chance to level up anyone to promotion once again. Because
there won't be any point in gaining any EXP past this chapter. Oh and
don't forget to bring your Member and Silver Cards as there is another
shop here that sells stat up items. Relax, I'll tell you where it is
after you have cleared up this chapter. Seeing the Savages with wild
hair with this music can really give you a bit of a scare. This music
goes perfectly with this. Nice job Nintendo/Intelligent Systems.

Start the chapter by going to the villages if you want. Watch out for
those Flying Rapps Dragons. Lure one of them at a time and take them
out as having your flyers go to the left mountain side being careful
not to get in several of the Savages' ranges, because some thieves
will come out of the cavern up north as they are armed with Devil
Swords. Because they will try to destroy the village on the right
because in that villaage which is very

---------- |\ /| |---- ------ ------ ------- ------- |\ | ----|  
  | | \ / | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | |  
  | | \/ | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | |  
  | | | |---- | | |-----| | | | | \ | | |  
  | | | | | | | | | |------| | \ | | |  
  | | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | |  
  | | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | |  
---------- | | | |------ | | | | | | \| | |  

as it has Michael with the Starlight which is needed to defeat a boss
next chapter. Michael is hiding from Macedonia for the regrets of his
awful past as he beholds the Starlight spell and it is absolutely vital
that you get this. Don't worry it will take time for them to get to
that village. By then you will have them there. But deal with the Devil
Axe Savages one at a time as they can deal 33DMG per hit. (Lessned by
Def of course) as they are at LV10 and they are there to plan to chop up
your units with those Devil Axes the keywords are "Don't let them." Plummel
those Flying Rapps Dragons with Steel,Silver,Killer,and the Dragon Killers
as well as the Gladius,Miracle Sword,and the Partia.

When the reinforcement Rapps Dragons comes and without killing the
Drain Book Priest they will NEVER stop coming. But you can use this
to your advantage to get them unlimited EXP. Watch out for those Devil
Sword thieves as they can deal 23 DMG per hit (Lessened by Def of
course). Send Chiki/Bantou east to kill those eastern Savages past the
fort east. But be careful not to move them too far as they have Meteo
Priests down east. One should've been by the fort, but you should've
already have killed him by now.

Some flyers will be coming down south mountainway, but they should be
great EXP using Libro/Reserve Staves to heal them as you fend off the
reinforcements. Save some uses, because you will need them for the
upcoming chapters to achive until you are ready go ahead and kill the
Drain Book Mage. Okay after the remaining enemies are defeated down
east okay now for the Secret Shop location. It is located one space up
from the left side Item Shop as the Member Card is needed in order to
find it and enter it. Enhance your characters' stats with this and be
sure to have everyone get at least 45HP by the end of this chapter.

Buy new equipment with this and be sure to blow all of your remaining
cash, because you won't need it after this chapter. Anyway, once that you
are done buying everything that you need as you clear the chapter Gato
explains on how to defeat Medeius again as now comes the best part of

Secret Shop

Location: One space up from the left side Item Shop.
Must have the Member Card in order to enter it.

Power Ring 10000
Manual 10000
Speed Ring 10000
Goddess Statue 10000
Angel Clothes 10000
Secret Book 10000
Dragon Shield 10000

Vendor (Left one)

Fire 500
Thunder 630
Freeze 690
Elfire 900
Live 1000
Relive 1600

Vendor (Right One)

Salve 300
Pure Water 1200
Door Key 500
Treasure Key 500
Bridge Key 1000

Armory (Left)

Kill Sword 1100
Dragon Killer 1600
Silver Sword 2000
Knight Killer 700
Silver Spear 1600
Silver Bow 2200

Armory (Right)

Silver Sword 2000
Hand Spear 600
Slim Lance 450
Silver Lance 1600
Kill Bow 1000
Silver Bow 2200


Starting Characters


New Characters



Left-Pure Water
Right-Door Key

This is it, now it is time to put an end to Garnef and Medeius' madness.
Start by selecting Julian,Sirius,Minerva,and Maric,Marissa,Yumina you will
need them. Select anyone else of your most favorite characters. After Gato
and Jeigan the advisors finishes speaking now begin by moving Julian and
someone with the treasure Key to obtain those treasures. Have those
characters defeat those Drain Book Mages. Heal them if they got hit by
them. There should be 3 of them in this area. They do have some Meteo
mages by but kill them quickly, so that you don't get blasted by their
moon comet of deaths.

You will want to take out the Drain Book Mages first before anyone else.
Watch out for those Savages as they can now deal 38 DMG per hit. O_o
Oh my. =o These enemies are at LV20 except the Time Dragons. Kill them
Time Dragons with Dragon Killers/Devil Swords that are by the treasures.
Open the door or use the Watch Staff to see the enemies inside the room.
Be careful as they have a Drain Book Mage in there awaiting to try to
kill a character instantly. Kill those Meteo Mages that are lurking on
the walls with distant attackers. This is by far the best way to take out
the Drain Book Mage that is in there.

Kill the remaining enemies in the throne room with your most durable
units. Conquer the throne to begin Phase II of this sinister battle.

Note: Use Thunder Sword/Thunder Spell as it is REALLY cool to see it
here in this purple clouds of darkness.

Final Chapter (Part II)

Starting Characters


New Characters




Left-Oum Wand
Right-Harmain Staff

Now then Garnef coldly welcomes you to your doom. Now it's time to
show him who's boss again. Have your highest Mag Def users go kill
the side enemies as they are armed to the teeth with powerful Moon
Magic and the quinstince spell of death. Kill the Drain Book Mages
on the sides of the room first before killing the other mages. Some
have Bolgannon spells as well. Have Marissa use the Thief Staff to
grab the treasure as that is about the only way to get them.

Have a staff user use the Silence Staff as this will silence those
deadly sinister mages with Drain spells especially. Kill them while
they are silenced. Have Marth give Linda the Starlight.

Note: This will not silence Garnef.

Garnef will be coming after you. Have Linda beat the daylights out
of him with it as you see cosmos space as this spell is generally
being used. Quite a scary scene with Garnef using his Dark Souls of
Invincibility spell in this purple darkness. Once that Garnef kicks
the bucket after he says his humiliating last words now Linda should
receive the Falchion upon killing him. Quickly have her hand this to
Marth and say hello to Marth SSBM style again!!!!! Quickly conquer
this throne as some enemies will be coming if you take too long here.
Some Savages with Devil Axes and Time Dragons will be coming. So hop
to it. Conquer the throne to begin the final phase.

Final Chapter (Part III)

Starting Characters


New Characters


Have Julian talk to her.


Have Sirius talk to her.


Have Minerva talk to her.


Have Maric talk to her.



Okay, now you see 4 Priestesses aside Medeius now in his finest form.
Now your going to have a really tough fight here as you will very
likely suffer some casualities. Okay just hope and prey that you
have the Again Staff. Pass the Oum Wand to Yumina now as she is the
only one who can use this. Repair anything needed with the new Harmain
Staff as only Marissa can use this. DO NOT move too far up as some
Earth Dragons will be sprouting out of the ground. Hopefully Marth will
at least be at LV15 right now which this is the recommended level to
defeating Medeius.

In FE1 (NES)/This Game Book I you only battle only one of these dragons
which was the last boss Medeius himself when in this you battle an army
of them this time. No doubt that this kicks ass. Now then time to stop
Medeius once and for all. Be careful that Marth doesn't get killed by
these Earth Dragons because you will have to begin the entire chapter
all over again if this happens. =(

As the Earth Dragons sprouts out of the ground Luck of the attack generator
is all that is really going to save you here. Have Julian,Minerva,Sirius,
and Maric convert the girls then get them out of the way. Sirius does admit
to Nina that he is actually Camus.

Nina knew it all along though =P Because she loves him. Julian says Rena san
and he is delighted to see her safe. As for the other 2 conversations that is
unknown, because of the amount of Kanji writings. These will be known sooner or
later. Because they will be killed in a single hit from these dragons. Have
Marth battle Medeius with the Falchion as it shows his void breath of darkness
and that in his Ark form he looks just like Bahamut from FF. I AM DEAD SERIOUS.
This dragon can saw all attacks in half just keep note of that.

Note: If you've lost one/many of these characters needed to recruit the
girl/girls here Medeius will otherwise after losing all of his health
he will leech their healths and eat them up. This is the true dragon
of darkness indeed. *Sigh* Seeing this will make even Garnef seem gentle.  

Medeius' Dark Breath looks like dark purple mist with a purple misty
screen in the skies of darkness. This attack deals 32 DMG per hit and the
Earth Dragons Dark Breath attacks deals 22 DMG per hit and no DMG cannot
be neglected at all from these attacks. Keep hacking at him using the
Falchion then using the Again Staff to get another turn to make this
battle much easier. If you want a more challenging fight then don't use
the Again Staff otherwise. Either way, have Marth keep whacking the evil
beast into oblivion. Once that Medeius dies, now have Yumina use the Oum
wand to anyone that has died here, so that they can get good endings. That's
just about all this staff' purpose serves anyway. Thankfully, it has 5 uses
this time when in FE1 (NES)/This Game Book I it had only 1 use.

Have Marth sit on the throne to call it a day. If any of the Priestesses
died from Medeius, because of losing a character/characters don't be sad
that's what you've been through for to stop him and his evil ambitions.
Never imagined Nintendo would ever make games like this but they have
and seeing this alone will most likely change your oulook on them
forever as it has for me.

Have Marth sit on the throne to end this cool game. Gato and Sheeda
rejoices as well as Marissa. Well, enjoy the ending if you've kept all
45 troops alive or whoever is alive. Well, you see Chainey as she is
standing in the misty outer castle while seeing Ellis marrying Maric
as it shows pure hearted Marth standing on a cliffside then it says

  ----------- -------- |\ | |
  | | | \ | |
  | | | \ | |
  | | | \ | |
  | | | \ | |
  | | | \ | |
  |------ | | \ | |
  | | | \ | |
  | | | \ | |
  | | | \ | |
  | | | \ | |
  | | | \ | |
  | --------- | \|  

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