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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 09:53

Welcome to the Cheat Code section of FESS! Here, you will find a listing of most of the known codes for all of the Fire Emblem games.


 1: You will need to have a general knowledge of Hexadecimal mathmatics in order to use some of these codes. This includes, but is not limited to, understanding how hex numerics work, and how to either add two seperate hex integers together, or use a tool to do so.

 2: You will also need a Game Enhancer tool (Or, for the common lingo, a cheat device), or a emulator that supports cheat codes, to use these codes. For the sake of limiting questions, the Gameboy Advance Game codes will all use Codebreaker or Gameshark SP codes (Before you ask, they ARE THE SAME).

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 00##: Standard Hex-Numeric code. Normally used in value meanings.

 XXXX or 00XX: Usually a pointer value, these two point towards something that is not numeric. All of the known values for these will be found in the corresponding game's code value section

You will find a listing of all the games we have codes for to the right.






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