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Written by Signas   
Tuesday, 05 August 2008 23:20
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Class - Name of class; each character has a respective one
Equip - What types of weapons that the class can equip
Skill - Possible skills that the classes may contain; such as being able to steal items, etc
Promotion - The promotion of a class; this is obtained when the character reaches Lv. 21 or uses a Master Crest

Class Equips Skill Promotion
Ranger Swords   Lord
Lord Swords   -
Hero Swords | Axes   -
Sword fighter Swords   Swordmaster
Swordmaster Swords   --
Soldier Lances   Halberdier
Halberdier Lances   -
Fighter Axes   Warrior
Warrior Axes | Bows   -
Archer Bows   Sniper
Sniper Bows   -
Knight Lances   General
General Lances | Swords   -
Sword Knight Swords   Paladin
Lance Knight Lances   Paladin
Axe Knight Axes   Paladin
Bow Knight Bows   Paladin
Paladin Previous weapon/new one   -
Pegasus Knight Lances   Falcon Knight
Falcon Knight Lances | Swords   -
Crimia Princess Sword | Staff   -
Dragon Knight Lances   Dragon Master
Dragon Master Lances |Axes   -
Dein King Lances | Axes   -
Mage Fire | Wind | Thunder   Sage
Sage Fire | Wind | Thunder | Staff Light equipment equip
(If no Staves)
Priest Staff   Bishop
Bishop Staff Light magic equip -
Cleric Staff   Valkyrie
Valkyrie Staff | Swords   -
Thief - Steal
Light equipment equip
Assassin (Volke only)
Assassin - Steal
Light equipment equip
Bandit Axes   Berserker
Berserker Axes Critical Bonus -
Fanged beast -   -
Fanged beast (Tiger) -   -
Fanged beast (Cat) -   -
Fanged beast (Lion) -   -
Winged bird -   -
Winged bird (Hawk) -   -
Winged bird (Crow) -   -
Winged bird (Heron) -   -
Scaly Dragon -   -
Scaly Dragon (Red Dragon) -   -
Scaly Dragon (White Dragon) -   -
Scaly Dragon (Black Dragon) -   -
Child -   -
Civilian -   -
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