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FE9 Built-In Support Bonuses PDF Print E-mail
Written by Signas   
Tuesday, 05 August 2008 23:22

~Inbuilt supports~

Those supports are based on storyline purposes either being family
members or strong friendship between the certain characters.

The percentages show the amount that the critical hit rate gets boosted
between certain units. All you need to do is stand them next each other
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higher crit hit advantage.

Mist 10%

Ike 10%

Boyd 10%
Rolf 10%

Oscar 10%
Rolf 10%

Oscar 10%
Boyd 10%
Shinon 5%

Rolf 5%

Mavarov 5%

Marcia 5%

Mordecai 5%

Lethe 5%

Calill 10%

Largo 10%

Muarim 10%
Tormod 10%

Geoffray 5%

Lucia 5%
Kieran 5%
Bastian 10%

Geoffrey 5%
Erincia 10%

Lucia 10%

Geoffray 10%

Reyson 5%
Janaff 5%

Reyson 5%
Ulki 5%

Reyson 5%
Janaff 5%
Tibarn 10%
Neasala 5%

Reyson 5%

Reyson 10%

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